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2012 Salute to Excellence Magazine Finalists
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2012 Salute to Excellence Magazine Finalists

Magazine Over 1 Million


Magazine – General Reporting

"Repaying by the Hour”

Carmen Thompson

ESPN The Magazine


"Shifting the Faith”

Adrienne Samuels Gibbs

Ebony magazine


"Voila Viola”

Constance White, Lola Ogunnaike, Cori Murray

Essence Magazine


"A Legacy of Love and Pride”

Constance White, Robin D. Stone, Patrik Henry Bass

Essence Magazine


"Behind the Music: Hazing or Brotherhood”

Amy Barnett, Lyle Harris

Ebony Magazine


Magazine – Single Topic Series

"The State of Today’s Black Men”

Kevin Chappell, Jeff Johnson, Margena A.Christian

Ebony Magazine


"Where’s Our Valentino/ In My Own Fashion”

Constance White, Robin Ghivan, Rosemarie Robotham, Jeannine Amber

Essence Magazine


"Rebuilding Detroit”

Amy Barnett, Terry Glover, Ellis Cose

Ebony Magazine

Magazine - Investigative

"Girls Gone Gangster”

Shirley Henderson, Valerie Goodloe

Ebony Magazine


 "Without A Trace”

Amy Barnett, Terry Glover, Francie Latour

Ebony Magazine


 "A Bitter Battle for Fisk”

Amy Barnett, Denene Millner

Ebony Magazine


Magazine – International

"Fighting Back”

Constance White,  Lisa Armstrong, Wendy L. Wilson

Essence Magazine


"Haiti One Year After the Quake”

Kevin Chappell

Ebony Magazine

Magazine - Specialty

"Health at Every Age: Be Your Best at 20, 30, 40 and 50”

Margena A.Christian

Ebony Magazine


 "Our Teens' Secret Sex Lives”

Constance White, Jeannine Amber, Rosemarie Robotham, Lynya Floyd

Essence Magazine


Magazine – Sports

"Who Am I (What's My Game?)”

Tim Keown

ESPN The Magazine


 "The Game of Her Life”

Tim Crothers

ESPN The Magazine


 "Can He Kick It? Yes He Can!”

Scott Ostler

ESPN The Magazine


Magazine – Business

"The State of Black Wealth in America”

Amy Barnett, Lynnette Khalfani Cox

Ebony magazine


"The Principles of Power”

Constance White,  Lonnae O'Neal Parker, Tanisha A.Sykes

Essence Magazine

Magazine - Commentary/Essay

"The Politics of Hate”

Amy Barnett, Kevin Chappell, Jill Nelson, Paul Delaney

Ebony Magazine


 "EBONY Special Report: Multiracial in America”

Amy  Barnett, Terry Glover, Monique Fields, Heidi Durrow, Sil Lai Abrams

Ebony Magazine


 "The Unbreakable Bond”

Constance White, Rosemarie Robotham, Jeannine Amber

Essence Magazine


Magazines - Art & Design: Page Design

"Fashion Runs in the Family”

Darhil Crooks, Dudley Brooks

Ebony Magazine


 "The Hottest Music of 2011”

Darhil Crooks

Ebony Magazine


 "Beyond The Score Live The Past and The Future”

Darhil Crooks, Tim Marrs

Ebony Magazine


Magazines - Art & Design: Graphics

"EBONY Debate: Gay Marriage”

Darhil Crooks, Brian Stauffer

Ebony Magazine


 "Taking the Pulse of Black America”

Darhil Crooks, Oliver Munday

Ebony Magazine


Magazine Under 1 Million


Magazines – General Reporting

"The Man Behind the Looks”

Keith L. Alexander

The Washington Post Magazine


"The Street Daddy”

Annys Shin

The Washington Post


"Crimes of the Court”

Trevor W. Coleman, Lori S. Robinson

B.L.A.C. Detroit Magazine


 "Black & Gay in Corporate America”

Carolyn M. Brown



Magazines - Single Topic Series

"Black America's Education Crisis...and What You Can Do About It”

Earl G. Graves Jr., Marcia Wade Talbert, Robin White Goode, Alan Hughes



Magazines – Investigative

"Stuck in the Hospital”

Yanick Rice Lamb

Heart & Soul Magazine


"Fishing for Business”

Megan Cottrell, Rui Kaneya

The Chicago Reporter


"An Offender Among Us”

Jeff Lowenstein, Rui Kaneya

The Chicago Reporter


"Out at First”

Angela Caputo, Kimbriell Kelly

The Chicago Reporter


"Missing the Mark”

Angela Caputo, Kimbriell Kelly

The Chicago Reporter

Magazine – Specialty

"Mother Under Siege”

Angela G. King, Lori S. Robinson

B.L.A.C. Detroit Magazine

Magazines - Business


Marcia Wade Talbert



Magazines - Commentary/Essay

"All the President's Frenemies"

Adam Serwer, Kit Rachlis

The American Prospect


 "Are We All Black Americans Now?”

Melissa Harris-Perry, Richard Kim

The Nation Magazine


"Executive Memo”

Earl G. Graves Jr.



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