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Request for Proposal Notice
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Request for Proposals (RFP)


National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

RFP for Mobile App and Mobile Website

March 6, 2019


About Us

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is an organization of journalists, students and media-related professionals that provides quality programs and services to and advocates on behalf of black journalists worldwide. Founded by 44 men and women on December 12, 1975, in Washington, D.C., NABJ is the largest organization of journalists of color in the nation with more than 3,500 members. Many of NABJ's members also belong to one of the professional and student chapters that serve black journalists nationwide.

 Project Overview

As an organization that relies heavily on digital marketing and communications strategies, NABJ seeks a development, creative and project management team to oversee and implement the ideation, technical production and creation of a mobile app that syncs with a mobile website.

This project is three parts: create an organizational mobile app; update/convert the existing organizational website to a mobile-optimized, responsively designed website; and archive, transfer and purge existing content as determined by the organization.

The core audience for the app is the NABJ membership, event attendees and partners. Since there is a large and growing interest in the association, and the content we will aggregate/produce will circulate across the African-American community (with a buying power at more than $1 trillion) and within the journalism/media industry, NABJ contends the app and the revised website will generate international interest.

The goal of this project is to maximize web-based technologies; enhance membership, participant and partner relationships and engagement; improve program delivery and service; increase awareness and access to NABJ; promote involvement through programs; and improve business efficiencies.


This app and its corresponding website must include the following:

A main vehicle for releasing the association's news and information (includes a news sharing platform that feeds headlines to the homepage)

-  Platform for multi-media content distribution

-  Daily events calendar platform (that feeds events to the homepage)

-  Functionality with current vendors' API (i.e. YourMembership, Mobilecause, etc.)

-  Preferred app and web features include: push notifications, feedback and contact options, surveys, forms, and social media  integration and related feeds

-  Sponsorship/ad placement and delivery options

-  Capabilities to integrate financial transactions (donations and registrations for multiple events)

-  Potential to incorporate the annual convention app capabilities, such as workshop and event listings

-  App functionality on Android and iOS platforms

- Responsiveness design capability and exceptional user interface that enhances our brand

-  Sections of the website/app that are password protected and for members only

-  Platforms for membership and events registration management


The preferred mobile app and website timeline includes an April project start date with a 60-90-day project completion timeline. 


Proposals should include:

-  Background information on the company(s) and principals who will execute the project

- Portfolio or documentation of similar work

-  All proposed project execution components, including any subcontractors or project collaborators

-  Project timeline

-  Proposed budget including details on all costs associated

- Technical specifications for the mobile app and mobile website

-  Additional insights on the proposed look, feel and functionality and processes


Please send your proposal to Director of Communications Kanya Stewart at by Tuesday, March 26, at 6 p.m. EDT (NOTE this is a revised date, in reference to the released FAQs).  Submissions will be reviewed, and proposals will be responded to by April 5. 



Please see the below FAQs for additional information.



The following are FAQs as a result of emails from interested potential respondents.
Please note questions unanswered from potential respondents are due to security reasons, repetitive questions, information already provided in the RFP or are items that have been asked of the respondents to determine, propose or recommend based upon expertise, best practices, etc., according to the RFP.

Q1: For the website, do you have a preferred CMS?
A1:  Please see the RFP, which notes some of the software we currently use/prefer, i.e. YourMembership. YourMembership provides the CMS functions we require; however, this RFP includes items from an interface, functionality, visual perspective we wish to enhance. Our new web presence must be fluid, and talk to other applications we use in a seamless manner. We seek a modernized approach that is responsive and mobile-friendly. 

Due to historical data and processes included, YourMembership is a preferred service we plan to maintain. Again, this project is highly concerned with the interface functionality, visual branding, news display, event display, ad display, navigation and most importantly mobile optimization and responsive aspects and the ability to translate content over for a successful new app design.
Q2: The RFP mentions a 60-90 day timeline - is this for both the website and the mobile app?
A2:  Yes, we would like both to be ready for launch within this time frame. The website aspect is a conversion approach.
Q3: Could you please advise of your desired/allocated budget for the website and mobile app?
A3: Per the RFP, we are requesting respondents to provide a recommended, estimated budget. We are looking for industry experts who are able to provide guidance and best practices.
Q4. Do you use third-party software for event registration and payment processing? If so, which ones?
A4: Our current software is inclusive of some of these functions, including regional event registration. But we also use eShow for our annual convention registration. BluePay is the main payment processor for the YourMembership system we use. 
Q5. Could you kindly provide more details on what exists behind the member login - any specific features/functionalities? Or is it just more content that isn’t public?
A5: Members are able to see their account information and update it, renew and pay for membership, view their membership status, update and add contact information, as well as view digital membership card, password reset options, see content that is not public, new member sign up, etc. The current site allows members and partners to make financial transactions like donations and registrations for not only our annual convention but seasonal events and more throughout the year.
Q6: Would you consider a solution using Drupal CMS? (We have used it for other association websites like and ) .
A6: The goal of this RFP is for professional service providers to use their expertise to recommend to us the best practices, software, and services to accomplish our organizational goals. We look forward to receiving proposals. However, please see Q1. Please also access our strategic plan.
Q7: What is the extent of integration with YourMembership? 
A7: Please review the YourMembership website for information about their product. It is fully integrated into our website and is our administrative login. It includes everything from membership management and events and news publishing to e-commerce, exporting and reporting, surveys, quizzes, forms, registrations, invoicing, document and image storage and related submission functions, password protected pages, syncing to our membership database, etc.
Q8: What is the extent of integration with MobileCause?
A8: Donations and fundraising are available and used via YourMembership, but we also have an external platform via MobileCause.
Q9: What other vendors integration is needed? 
A9: We work with JournalismNext which houses our career center at, which utilizes and publishes our navigation system and has banner advertising as well. We also use Your Membership, eBallot, VoteNet, Attendee Interactive, eShow for our annual convention registration and BluePay. We need all of these systems to talk to and work seamlessly with our mobility optimized website and new app. 
Q10: Should members be logging in using a central SSO ( Single Sign-On ) login? For example, provided by YourMembership?
A10: Yes. Many of the systems we use in conjunction with Your Membership connect to the single sign-on.
Q11: Will you be using Google DoubleClick as ads solution?
A11: We are open to receive all recommendations. We currently do not use Google ads.
Q12: Have you or will you be using third-party events management platforms like an events management system?
A12: Events management is included with our current integration with YourMembership (including reporting, exporting and payment functions, this also includes a news publishing section, which we would like to feed onto the homepage automatically -- as well as an events and social media feed.)
Q13: Are only the members who have purchased the subscription and registered on the website able to access the website/mobile application?
A13: No, the website and app are open to the public, however, there are sections that require login or are members only. There should also be user/admin login options for site management and editing as well.
Q14: What type of users use your site?
A14: Members of the organization, partners, the general public, media, etc. visit and complete actions on our website.
Q15: What are the expectations of the mobile app?
A15: We expect a fully high-quality functional mobile app that provides users with access to frequently needed and accessed information, pages, portals, news, events, registration options, community, etc. We expect the app to be industry standard and include events, news, membership functions, etc.
Q16: What are the total number of pages of your existing website?
A16: There is currently 1,079 total, not all are in use, some are outdated and need to be removed, some need to be archived for historical purposes.
Q17: What type of ongoing maintenance and/or long-term support will be 
needed once the platform goes live?

A17: Our current service providers offer technical support as we need it and online help information and services. We also have access to receive training on managing the site and for on-boarding new staff who may use the site. As this is a new project, we expect that there will be multiple instances where assistance is needed.

Q18: What is the significance of the 60-90 day timeline?
A18: We have a major national event forthcoming in the summer of 2019 and it requires a strong and functional web presence as it is a high traffic time.
Q19: What is the total timeline for the project - start date, launch date 
(available to the public), etc.?
A19: Per the RFP, we expect respondents to provide a best practice recommendation for the elements of the project and timeline from start to finish with the required period.
Q20: Will local companies/developers be given any preference?
A20: We will receive proposals from all respondents and review them.
Q21: Do you need any original photography, videography, copywriting or content migration and if so could you elaborate on the needs?
A21: You are welcome to include an additional section in the proposal for these services. Currently, the staff provides content.
Q22:  For ad placement are you looking for auto-placement from Google Ads or are you looking to have your own custom ads on there?
A22: We currently use our own banner ad placements. We would like a site that has the functionality to offer various types of ad function.
Q23: Do you require web and app hosting, domain or SSL services? If so, could you let us know what your needs are thereof? 
A23: These options are currently inclusive to our current backend provider.
Q24: Could you let us know if you are looking to update/upgrade your current website into a responsive website that is available on the mobile platform as well or are you looking to fix your current site to make it available on mobile?
A24: Per the RFP, we are looking to create an organizational mobile app; update/convert the existing organizational website to a mobile-optimized, responsively designed website; and archive, transfer and purge existing content as determined by the organization.




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