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#MLK50 Essay #1 - Michael Lyle Jr.
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When the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said that there is nothing more dangerous
than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity, he was speaking on the issues of
mistreatment towards African Americans during the Civil Rights era.
His powerful voice and perseverance to spread the message of love and equality over evil is
what inspired me to cover stories that impact the African-American community and other
diverse backgrounds for the radio outlets I presently work for in Connecticut.
Each day I speak into the microphone, I see it as a huge responsibility and a duty to present
information and deliver truth that the public must hear -- even if, at times, it could
make for uncomfortable dialogue.
Dr. King has allowed me to utilize and execute my journalism skills in a responsible manner, as
well as to not be afraid to convey newsworthy information that challenges others to comprehend the issues that Dr.
King fought that we continue to address today. That is the impact Dr. King has left on
the media landscape.
Today, AM 1220 WQUN will partner with CBS Radio News to commemorate #MLK50, and to discuss the impact Dr. King's legacy has had on us as media professionals. It mattered what he did then, and it still resonates in journalism each day.

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