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2019 NABJ Campaign Spending Disclosure Form
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NABJ Elections Campaign Spending Disclosure Form


ALL Candidates for NABJ office must report all of the money spent on one’s campaign. This form must be used to list campaign-related expenses and donations. In addition to the money actually spent, each candidate also must list realistic estimates for the value of in-kind services and gifts. No other form will be accepted.

You are required to submit these reports and financial statements three times in 2019 – June 21, July 12, and Aug. 7. All documents must be received by 5 p.m. EST on these dates or be considered late. All disclosure reports will be collected by the national office and forwarded to the Elections Committee.

The first form should cover any campaign expenditures since certification of your candidacy through June 21. Subsequent forms should cover expenditures since the previous filing. The reports should include a summary of the campaign activities engaged in during the reporting period, an accounting of money raised and acquired during the period, and a list of all expenses related to campaign activities.

Any late or non-filed reports will be in violation of campaign rules.

Items that should be reported include, but are not limited to:

  • Airline tickets
  • Printing
  • Postage
  • Conference registrations
  • * Hotel accommodations
  • Entertainment and meals for potential supporters
  • Frequent flyer miles
  • Cost of designing and maintaining campaign-oriented Websites
  • ** Phone calls
  • In-kind donations
  • *** Corporate contributions
  • *** Campaign materials, including brochures, buttons, hats, mugs and other memorabilia

* Costs related to attending the national convention will not be counted against the spending cap. The cost of attending the regional conference for the region where you live or work will not be counted against you. Expenses for all other regional conferences attended by candidates will count against the spending limit if the candidate engages in any type of campaigning while at a conference. A candidate may only use the regional conference spending exemption for one regional conference in which he or she works or lives. 

** Costs of e-mail accounts used for campaigning will not count against the spending cap. Broadcast messages sent via e-mail will not count against the cap. Campaign Websites, whether operated by the candidate or his or her supporters, shall count against the cap. 

*** Candidates must estimate the cost of in-kind donations and services, which will be counted against the spending limit. For example, if your company prints and mails fliers in support of your campaign, you must report the expenses as if you had paid for it. However, such expenses can be itemized at rates lower than market value, if such company discounts are available to all editorial employees of the corporate entity providing the service or donation. 

  • Executive Board: $7,000 per candidate
  • Academic or Media Related Professional Representatives: $7,000 per candidate
  • Regional Directors: $4,500 per candidate
  • Student Representative: $2,500 per candidate 


  • June 21 – 1st Candidate Spending Disclosure Report Due
  • July 12 – 2nd Candidate Spending Disclosure Report Due
  • Aug. 7 –  3rd and Final Candidate Spending Disclosure Report Due

NABJ Elections Campaign Spending Disclosure Form

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