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2018 Salute to Excellence Winners
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The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) congratulates the winners of the 2018 Salute to Excellence Awards in categories including college, digital, print, television, radio, photojournalism and public relations. Winners were announced Saturday, Aug. 4, during NABJ's 43rd Annual Convention and Career Fair in Detroit, the largest gathering of minority journalists in the country.The Salute to Excellence Awards gala was sponsored by our partner FedEx.

Following are the winners in each category:



Collegiate Awards 



DIGITAL MEDIA > Commentary/Weblog

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)
Host/Commentator: Karen Attiah, Senior Producer: Kate Woodsome, Producer/Editors: Gillian Brockell; Adriana Usero, Graphics: Danielle Kunitz, Designer/Animator: Dani Player
The Washington Post

DIGITAL MEDIA > Interactive: Feature

We Are Witnesses
Neil Barsky, Jenny Carchman
The Marshall Project

DIGITAL MEDIA > Interactive: News

Lost Mothers
Ranjani Chakraborty, Adriana Gallardo, Nina Martin, Renee Montagne, Annie Waldman
ProPublica and NPR

DIGITAL MEDIA > Online Project: Feature
A Definitive Timeline of Colin Kaepernick's Journey From Football Stardom to NFL Exile
Harry Lyles Jr., Tyler Tynes
SB Nation
Inside Chicago
Maggie Beidelman, Omar Duwaji, Jun Stinson , Michael Nguyen, Kai Tang

DIGITAL MEDIA > Online Project: News
Beneath the Skin
Rosa Flores, Anne Lagamayo, Madeleine Stix, Jacque Smith, CNN Digital Team

Walking While Black
Topher Sanders, Benjamin Conarck, Kate Rabinowitz
ProPublica and the Florida Times-Union

DIGITAL MEDIA > Single Story: Feature
Jamaica's 'Barrel Children' Often Come Up Empty With a Parent Abroad
Melissa Noel, Amber Payne, Chandelis Duster, Ned Kilkelly, Rebecca Davis, Jeremy Kestenbaum, Kirk Wardy, and NBC News Digital Video Team

DIGITAL MEDIA > Single Story: News

D.C. Has a New Law Aimed at Diversifying the Marijuana Industry
Kay Angrum, Natalie Fertig, Braxton Parr
Circa News


The NFL’s Racial Divide
Jane McManus, Jason Reid
ESPN's The Undefeated



MEDIA ADVERTISING & MARKETING CAMPAIGNS > (Marketing/Advertising Campaigns) - PR/Marketing/Advertising - Radio
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Political Radio Campaign
Sheila Brooks
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Atlanta: WVEE-FM, WAMJ-FM, WRDG-FM, WAOK-AM, WALR-FM, WUMJ-FM, WPZE-FM

MEDIA ADVERTISING & MARKETING CAMPAIGNS > (Marketing/Advertising Campaigns) -PR/Marketing/Advertising - Print

Faces of UDC Marketing Campaign
Sheila Brooks
University of the District of Columbia 


MAGAZINES > Art & Design: Page Design > Over 1 Million

"Favorite Son of a Troubled Town"
Chin Wang, Rami Moghadam, Eric Paul, Linda Root Pouder, Munehito Sawada, Christopher DeLisle, MASA
ESPN The Magazine

MAGAZINES > Business > Over 1 Million
"LeBron: The Sequel"
Pablo S. Torre
ESPN The Magazine

MAGAZINES > Business > Under 1 Million
Google Searches Its Soul
Ellen McGirt

MAGAZINES > Commentary/Essay > Over 1 Million
"Rise and Reign: Growing Up With Serena"
Morgan Parker
ESPN The Magazine

MAGAZINES > Commentary/Essay > Under 1 Million
A Black Face in a White Space: My Four Years at Penn
Ernest Owens
Philadelphia Magazine

Just So We’re Clear: Black Mothers Aren’t to Blame for High Infant Mortality
Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez
YES! Magazine

MAGAZINES > General Reporting > Over 1 Million

"The Greatest, At Rest"
Chin Wang, Rami Moghadam, Eric Paul, Linda Root Pouder, Munehito Sawada, Christopher DeLisle
ESPN The Magazine

MAGAZINES > General Reporting > Under 1 Million

How Chicago Became the First City to Make Reparations to Victims of Police Violence
Yana Kunichoff, Sarah Macaraeg
YES! Magazine

MAGAZINES > International > Over 1 Million
"Cameroon Calling"
Jackie MacMullan
ESPN The Magazine

MAGAZINES > Investigative > Over 1 Million
"Standing Down"
Seth Wickersham, Don Van Natta Jr
ESPN The Magazine

MAGAZINES > Investigative > Under 1 Million
The Infamous Practice of Contract Selling is Back in Chicago
Rebecca Burns
Chicago Reader in Partnership with The Investigative Fund
MAGAZINES > Specialty > Over 1 Million
"You Just Can't Shake It"
Kevin Van Valkenburg
ESPN The Magazine
MAGAZINES > Specialty > Under 1 Million
Missing Colors: Is Real Equality Finally Coming to the Gayborhood?
Ernest Owens
Philadelphia Magazine

What Is It Like to Live Without Running Water? Detroit Families Know
Zenobia Jeffries
YES! Magazine

MAGAZINES > Sports > Over 1 Million

"The Fight for Takkarist McKinley"
Dotun Akintoye
ESPN The Magazine 


NEWSPAPER > Art & Design: Page Design > Over 150,000

Yanez Found Not Guilty
Greg Mees, Michiela Thuman
Star Tribune

NEWSPAPER > Business > Over 150,000
A Free Press Special Report: The Faults in No-Fault
JC Reindl
Detroit Free Press

NEWSPAPER > Business > Under 150,000

Honoring A Trailblazing Woman in the Area of STEM: Dr. Reagan Flowers
Jeffrey L. Boney
Forward Times Publishing Co. / Houston Forward Times

NEWSPAPER > Commentary > Over 150,000

The Fight Over Confederate Monuments
Jarvis DeBerry | The Times-Picayune  

NEWSPAPER > Commentary > Under 150,000

A Collection of Columns by Suzette Hackney
Suzette Hackney
The Indianapolis Star

NEWSPAPER > Feature: Series > Over 150,000
After One Year, the Smithsonian's Black History Museum is Becoming a Cultural Mecca
Deborah Barfield Berry

Black While Funny and Female: 18 Comedic Actresses on Working in Hollywood
Tre'vell Anderson
Los Angeles Times

NEWSPAPER > Feature: Series > Under 150,000
A Season Under the Gun, Rick Telander, Chicago Sun-Times
Rick Telander
Chicago Sun-Times

NEWSPAPER > Feature: Single Story > Over 150,000
CPS Runaways Are Caught in Troubling Cycle
Monica Rhor
Houston Chronicle

NEWSPAPER > Feature: Single Story > Under 150,000
For Decades, Harris County’s Bail System Trapped the Poor. Is that Finally Changing?
Meagan Flynn
Houston Press

NEWSPAPER > International > Over 150,000

Mitch Albom shares ... Chika's Story
Mitch Albom
Detroit Free Press

NEWSPAPER > International > Under 150,000

Jimmy's World Shines Light on Afro-Cuban Culture of Matanzas
Ervin Dyer, B. Denise Hawkins
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

NEWSPAPER > Investigative > Over 150,000
How Cheyney University Fell Close to Collapse
Susan Snyder, Nancy Phillips, Dylan Purcell
Philadelphia Media Network

NEWSPAPER > Investigative > Under 150,000
Renter Hell
Shannon Mullen, Payton Guion, Paul D'Ambrosio
Asbury Park Press

NEWSPAPER > News: Series > Over 150,000
Bridging the Divide
Liz Bowie, Erica L. Green
The Baltimore Sun

NEWSPAPER > News: Single Story > Over 150,000
Michaelle Bond, Emilie Lounsberry
Philadelphia Media Network

NEWSPAPER > News: Single Story > Under 150,000

Are Metro Atlanta School Districts Keeping Your Student Bus Rider Safe?
Marlon A. Walker
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

NEWSPAPER > Special Project > Over 150,000

Boston. Racism. Image. Reality.
Akilah Johnson, Adrian Walker, Nicole Dungca, Todd Wallack, Liz Kowalczyk, Andrew Ryan, and editor Patricia Wen
The Boston Globe

NEWSPAPER > Special Project > Under 150,000
50-Year Ache
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel staff
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

NEWSPAPER > Specialty > Over 150,000
With Congress Stalled on Health Care, Blacks Still Looking Within Their Communities to Bridge Health Disparities
Deborah Barfield Berry, Jayne O'Donnell

NEWSPAPER > Specialty > Under 150,000
CLIMATE CHANGE; The Forgotten People
Carolyn D. Guniss
The Miami Times

NEWSPAPER > Sports > Over 150,000
From No. 1 to None
Marcus Fuller
Star Tribune 


PHOTOJOURNALISM > Photography: Multiple Images
Too Young for Division I?
Melissa Lyttle, Rob Booth, Tim Rasmussen, Landon Nordeman, Nick Galac

PHOTOJOURNALISM > Photography: Single Image
Dancing in Protest
Maria Alejandra Cardona, Regina McCombs
Minnesota Public Radio News (MPR News)

Home of the Brave
Walter Looss, Julianne Varacchi, Rob Booth

“I was Empty”: Re-Entry Program Helps Inmate Fight Anger Issues
Jarrad Henderson
USA Today 


CAUSE RELATED MARKETING CAMPAIGNS > (Cause Related) - PR/Marketing/Advertising- Business – Products
Ford HBCU Drive2Greatness
Randy L. Jones, Rajoielle Register, Kayla Wimbush
UniWorld Group on behalf of the Ford Motor Company 

PR/MARKETING/ADVERTISING > (PR Campaigns) - PR/Marketing/Advertising Business – Services

"When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story" PSA Press Campaign
TV One for Staff of Public Relations 
TV One

PR/MARKETING/ADVERTISING > (PR Campaigns) PR/Marketing/Advertising - Associations/Nonprofit
Youth Justice Awareness Month 2018
Aprill Turner, Marcy Mistrett, Brian Evans
Campaign For Youth Justice 



Radio> Commentary > Market 16 and Below
Robin Washington Commentaries for KUWS/Wisconsin Public Radio
Robin Washington
Wisconsin Public Radio - KUWS-FM Superior

RADIO > Commentary > Top 15 Markets
Black Women on Being Called 'Girl' In the Workplace
Nadege Green
WLRN News Miami 91.3

RADIO > Documentary > Market 16 and Below
Nice Tribal Wear, Now Take it Off.
Leila Day, Hana Baba, Julie Caine
The Stoop Podcast KALW, San Francisco

RADIO > Documentary > Network

On the Knife's Edge: Using Therapy To Address Violence Among Teens
Shankar Vedantam ,Jennifer Schmidt, Tara Boyle, Maggie Penman, Renee Klahr

RADIO > Documentary > Top 15 Markets
Black Homeownership: The Promise and The Pitfalls
Natalie Moore, Cate Cahan, Joe DeCeault
WBEZ Chicago Public Media 91.5

RADIO > Feature > Market 16 and Below
Scars of Tuskegee
Stan Ingold
Alabama Public Radio

RADIO > Feature > Network

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Tells A Difficult Story
Debbie Elliott, Vickie Walton-James, Jim Kane
NPR - National Public Radio

RADIO > Feature > Top 15 Markets
Detroit, Boston And The Searing Memories Of The Summer Of 1967
Phillip Martin
WGBH News 89.7-FM Boston

RADIO > News: Long Form > Network
Sickle Cell: A Forgotten Killer
Jenny Gold, Diane Webber, Lydia Zuraw, Joe Neel, Scott Hensley, Kaiser Health News (1-3) NPR (4-5)
Kaiser Health News, NPR

RADIO > News: Long Form > Top 15 Markets

Public Housing Tenant: My Apartment Was Making My Kids Sick
Nadege Green
WLRN News Miami  91.3

RADIO > News: Short Form > Network

Raise the Age
Kizzy Cox
British Broadcasting Corporation

RADIO > News: Short Form > Top 15 Markets

Glades Residents Afraid Lake Okeechobee Dam Could Fail
Peter Haden
WLRN News Miami 91.3

RADIO > Public Affairs: Interview/Discussion > Market 16 and Below
Another View:  "Educating Our Black Boys"
Barbara Hamm Lee, Lisa Godley, Victor Bowen, Dr. Barry Graham, Kathy Martin
WHRO Public Media, Norfolk- WHRV-FM

RADIO > Public Affairs: Interview/Discussion > Top 15 Markets
Grading Michelle Obama’s Legacy At Her Former High School
Natalie Moore, Jenn White, Carrie Shepherd, Jason Marck
WBEZ Chicago Public Media 91.5

RADIO > Public Affairs: Segment > Market 16 and Below
Another View: "Blacks in Film: Is Hollywood Getting the Message?"
Barbara Hamm Lee, Lisa Godley, Victor Bowen
WHRO Public Media/Another View-Norfolk

RADIO > Public Affairs: Segment > Top 15 Markets
Police Transparency- When Should Names of Officers Who Kill Be Released?
Cherri Gregg, Esq.
KYW Newsradio 


TELEVISION > Documentary > Market 16 and Below

Red Tail Revered
Steve Crump
WBTV Charlotte

San Antonio Marches: Keepers of the Dream
Ashlei King, Kash Cashell, Lalo Garcia, Mandi Johnston Mendoza, Darius Bowie

TELEVISION > Documentary > Network
Barack Obama: The Reality of Hope
Charmian Ling, Cassandra Marshall, Sarah Baker, Dan Bregman, Marianne O'Donnell
Dateline NBC

TELEVISION > Documentary > Top 15 Markets
North Star to Freedom
Fran Murphy, Writer/Producer, James Byrne, Executive Producer, Alfredo Guevara, Editor Jay Boisvert, Graphic Artist, Robin Hamilton, Host
Tribune Broadcasting Washington, DC-WDCW

TELEVISION > Feature: Long Form > Market 16 and Below
Harvest of Healing: How a Community Remembers Victims of Lynching
Sherri Jackson, Stephon Dingle, Scott MacDowell, Rob Martin
CBS 42 WIAT-TV Birmingham

The Cooking Gene: Michael Twitty
Lisa Godley, Neil Grochmal
WHRO Public Media-Norfolk, VA / WHRO-TV

TELEVISION > Feature: Long Form > Network
CBS Sunday Morning: Black Panthers
Alan Golds, Lee Cowan, Ed Givnish, Rand Morrison, Jason Sacca

ESPN Features - SC Featured: For Those Who Can't
Alex Brewer

The Coach
Charmian Ling, Whitney Pennington Rodgers, Ben Weltman, Craig Melvin, Liz Cole
Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly

TELEVISION > Feature: Long Form > Top 15 Markets

Wigs and Weaves: A Reporter's Secret to Maintain Healthy Hair
Adrienne Broaddus, Furlon Webster

TELEVISION > Feature: Short Form > Market 16 and Below

"A Muralist's Mission"
Ama Arthur-Asmah, Anusha Roy

TELEVISION > Feature: Short Form > Network
CNN HEROES: KHALI SWEENEY & his Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program
Meghan Dunn, Jimmy Mazzullo, Quentin Dunn, Michelle Genece Patterson,
Mark Doctrow, Stephen McGee

TELEVISION > Feature: Short Form > Top 15 Markets
Pioneering Black Journalists Change the Face of Television
Lesli Foster, Nick Leimbach

TELEVISION > General Assignment News: Long Form > Market 16 and Below
Milwaukee's Black Vietnam Veterans
Liddie Collins
Milwaukee PBS, WMVS Channel 10, Milwaukee Area Technical College

TELEVISION > General Assignment News:Long Form > Network
City of Angels: Legacy of the Riots
The Staff of Nightline
ABC News

TELEVISION > General Assignment News:Long Form > Top 15 Markets

Where is Relisha Rudd?
Lesli Foster, Stephanie Wilson, Jeff Cridland
WUSA9 - Washington, DC

TELEVISION > General Assignment News:Short Form > Market 16 and Below
"16th Street Pianist"
Cody Broadway

TELEVISION > General Assignment News:Short Form > Network

Black Colleges and Trump
Ron Allen, Janelle Richards, Daniel Medina, Ilyas Kirmani, Dan Arnall
NBC Nightly News, Weekend Edition

P&G's Controversial Ad
Rehema Ellis, Janelle Richards, Joo Lee , Jody Henenfeld, Dan Arnall
NBC Nightly News, Weekend Edition

Race In America
Morgan Radford, Mary Beth Toole, Molly Roecker, Dan Arnall, Kimmy Gorden
NBC Nightly News, Weekend Edition

TELEVISION > General Assignment News:Short Form > Top 15 Markets
Tuskegee Airmen: This is My Country, Too
Adrienne Broaddus, David Peterlinz

TELEVISION > International > Market 16 and Below
10thirtysix:  Kimberley Motley
Scottie Lee Meyers, Ben Wick, Darin Malkowski
Milwaukee PBS, Milwaukee Area Technical College, WMVS Milwaukee, WI

TELEVISION > International > Network

60 Minutes: Fighting Famine
Scott Pelley, Correspondent, Nicole Young, Producer, Katie Kerbstat, Associate Producer,
Peter M. Berman, Editor
CBS News 60 Minutes ,CBS

TELEVISION > Investigative > Market 16 and Below

Saving Derrian
Sandra Chapman, Steve Rhodes, Susan Batt

TELEVISION > Investigative > Network

Respectfully Submitted, Ricky Dixon
Simon Baumgart, Mark Fainaru-Wada

TELEVISION > Investigative > Top 15 Markets
Diagnosing Discrimination
Andy Pierrotti
11 Alive News WXIA-Television

TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Interview/Discussion > Market 16 and Below
Black Nouveau:  April Ryan
Everett L. Marshburn
Milwaukee Public Television, Milwaukee Technical Area College, WMVS, Milwaukee, WI

TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Interview/Discussion > Network
Tragedy of ‘Time: The Kalief Browder Story’
Joy Reid, Host, James Holm, Executive Producer, Malik Johnson, Segment Producer, Staff of AM JOY: Rachel Slajda, Traci Tillman, Traci Curry, Kai Ma, Rebecca Sai, Ashley Williams, Michelle Cumbo, Carly Rubel, Natalie Mieles, Belinda Walker, Lorena Ruiz, Murray Adam, Alexis Stodghill

TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Program > Market 16 and Below

Principle Punishment and Redemption
Steve Crump
WBTV Charlotte

TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Program > Network
Third Rail with OZY: Is America Becoming More, or Less, Racist?
Denise DiIanni, Anne Adams, Carlos Watson, Cameo George, Eugenia Harvey
PBS, WGBH Educational Foundation Boston, WGBH and OZY Media

TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Program > Top 15 Markets
Impact: Feeding Our Children
Lesli Foster, Sarah Gahagan, Ryan Wood, Eliana Block, Greg Cohen

TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Segment > Market 16 and Below
Black Nouveau:  Black Holocaust Museum's New Home
Everett L Marshburn
Milwaukee Public Television, Milwaukee Area Technical College, WMVS Milwaukee, WI

TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Segment > Network
Charlottesville: Polarized Nation
The Staff of This Week
ABC News This Week

TELEVISION > Public Affairs: Segment > Top 15 Markets
Explore India Program Shows Students Another Part of the World
Tina Martin, Courtney Kennedy
WGBH News-2 Boston

TELEVISION > Specialty > Market 16 and Below
Black Nouveau: Sickle Cell
Liddie Collins, Ethleen Peacock
Milwaukee Public Television WMVS ,Milwaukee Area Technical College 

TELEVISION > Specialty > Network

Breast Cancer Triple Negative
Good Morning America Staff
ABC News, Good Morning America

TELEVISION > Specialty > Top 15 Markets
WIC Farmers Market
Demond Fernandez
WFAA-TV Dallas

TELEVISION > Sports > Market 16 and Below

Rising: Teen with Cerebral Palsy Takes a Shot to Live His Dream
Danielle Wiggins
Purple Films, WKYC Cleveland

TELEVISION > Sports > Network
60 Minutes Sports: The Nomads
Armen Keteyian, Alan B. Goldberg, Joe Schanzer, Timothy Costa, Chrissy Jones
CBS News 60 Minutes, Showtime

TELEVISION > Sports > Top 15 Market
Darren Haynes
WUSA Washington D.C.

TELEVISION > Spot News > Network
Violence in Charlottesville
Tom Costello, Kelly O’Donnell, Gabe Gutierrez, Staff of NBC Nightly News Weekend Edition
NBC Nightly News Weekend Edition 



Mission Possible: Howard Defeats UNLV in Historic Victory
Lawrence Dow
The Hilltop-Howard University

ONLINE - COLLEGIATE > Best Use of Multimedia - Special Project
Birthing Inequity: Black Women and Infants in Oakland are Experiencing Negative Health Outcomes at Much Higher Rates than Women of Other Races. Here’s why and what’s Being Done About It.

Drew Costley, Sarah Hoenicke, and Sarah Cahlan
Oakland North University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism 

ONLINE - COLLEGIATE > Online Feature Reporting
Study Allows Families to Try Food as Medicine
Drew Costley
Oakland North

Doulahood, Mommyhood
Drew Costley
Oakland North-University of California-Berkeley

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