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Interactive Sessions V
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10:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Interactive Sessions V

The Intersection of PR and Technology 
Powered by Business Wire
As journalists embrace new media tools and shout their praises from rooftops, are PR pros listening? This workshop will show attendees how to apply tools, including Tumblr, Storify and Brand Pages.

Raschanda Hall, Global Meda Relations Manager, Business Wire
Amanda Littlejohn, Social PR Strategist, Mopwater PR
Neal Scarbrough, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Comcast
Chris Boudy, Co-founder, New Orleans Tech

Transitioning to a National Beat 
Whether you’re moving from a small town to Capitol Hill, transitioning from the state house to the campaign trail or switching from local to national news, this session will help insure that you hit your new beat with competence and confidence. This panel features reporters who have successfully made the transition from local to national beats, who will share what they’ve learned on managing the work — and stress — that comes with promotion.

Lee Hawkins, Staff Reporter, The Wall Street Journal and The Wall Street Journal Digital Network 
Steven Gray, Columnist and Contributing Editor,
Nia-Malika Henderson, National Political Reporter, The Washington Post 
Corey Dade, National Correspondent, Digital News, National Public Radio

Community Journalism: How to Produce Content in Your Own Backyard Using New Age Tools 
A few years after major newspapers began shifting their focus toward covering communities, hyperlocal sites began to grow and thrive. This workshop will teach journalists how to use blogs, user-generated content and social networking tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, to get news delivered to hyperlocal sites and online media — among them, Patch, The Huffington Post and Black Voices.

Camille Spencer, Local Editor, Carrollwood Patch, AOL Patch 
Rodney Thrash, Local Editor, Canton-Sixes Patch, AOL Patch 
Michelle Fitzhugh-CraigCEO/Editor-in-Chief, shades magazine 
James A. Finch, News Director, WBRC-TV

NPR’s The Audio Cut 
At a time when visuals and web design have become central to how journalists convey the day’s stories, this session will show how the art of the audio cut is a foundation of multimedia reporting. Participants will learn how to expand their reporting tool kits to include the use of audio sound and interviews to enhance other media. Participants also will learn how to find the right voice (the guest, the quotes), how to focus on tone and intonation rather than statistics and figures. They also will learn how to use natural sound and music to create a sense of place and think of audio as a visual medium.

Jonathan Blakley, Producer, NPR 
Walter Watson, Senior Producer, NPR

The Art of the Hustle 
This financial seminar for young journalists just starting out is designed to offer a reality check. Graduating is scary, but it’s even scarier when you don’t know the source of your next dollar. Young journalists need to know how to work a side hustle and how to invest early. They also need to know how to budget, how to invest and how to save. This panel targets graduating seniors, unemployed young journalists and recently employed graduates.

Keith Reed, Senior Editor, ESPN The Magazine
Ashleigh L. Atwell, Student, Georgia State University 
Marcus Vanderberg, Editor, Media Bistro

Authors Showcase: Self Publishing 
Powered by News Corporation
This panel will outline what it takes to go solo in successfully launching a book project, with a heavy emphasis on writing, editing, marketing in both the real and viral world of social media and e-publishing.

Wayne Dawkins, Author, Rugged Waters
S. Renee Smith, Author, The Bridge to Your Brand
Deanna Burrell, Author, Single Girl Summer, Blogger. The Chicago Tribune
Lee May, Author, My God, My Politics

The Awe-Inspiring Life of Automotive Journalists 
Powered by General Motors
Are you brave enough to go from 0-100 mph in 4.1 seconds? Do you crave the adventures of visiting new places, meeting fascinating people and test driving hot new cars before they land in dealerships? Join some of the automotive industry’s leading journalists and bloggers as they share their career adventures. Learn how they travel the world pursuing their passion for cars. Discover what it takes to succeed as a car reviewer and gain tips on how to establish yourself in the field of automotive journalism.

Dorothy Redmon, Freelance Writer
Lee Hawkins, Staff Reporter, The Wall Street Journal and The Wall Street Journal Digital Network 
Marcus Amick, Automotive Blogger,
Kimatni Rawlings, President and Publisher, Automotive Rhythms

Black Folk Don’t Live in Downtown Abbey
Powered By National Black Programming Consortium
As Congress debates and haggles over where to cut and what to save, PBS is often in the cross hairs. To truly serve the public, the public’s perception of PBS should be about more than Downton Abbey and Masterpiece Theater. Black Public Media will screen some of the innovative, provocative, socially relevant, and entertaining contemporary content that it funds across all multiple platforms. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion about increasing the pipeline for new content on public television and creating more funding opportunities for news and documentary content inspired by the Black experience, in all of it’s political, social, and ethnic diversity.

Lisa Cortes, co-producer of Precious

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