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2014 NABJ Election: Chapter 1
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Proposed NABJ Constitution
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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Election Rules & Timeline

NABJ Constitution

NABJ Operating Procedures



(Preamble and Chapter 1)


The new preamble (vision) and purpose (goals) would update and better situate NABJ with respect to its members, their communities and society at large in the 21st century. The board of directors and membership would no longer need a constitutional amendment to modify NABJ’s logo. It is recommended, however, that the association’s bylaws prescribe when, why and how the logo may or may not be changed in the future.



We, the members of the National Association of Black Journalists, who are striving for credible journalism that comprehensively portrays the voices and experiences of African Americans and people from the black diaspora for a society and world that values them, do enact and establish this constitution for the governance of our members.



Article I. Name and Symbol.


Section 1. Name. The organization’s name shall be National Association of Black Journalists Inc.


Section 2. Initials. The organization shall be known by the initials NABJ.


Section 3. Symbol. The organization shall adopt an official corporate seal that may include the date and place of incorporation, the symbol of NABJ, the initials NABJ or such other necessary and desirable information.


Article II. Purpose.


Section 1. Purpose. NABJ shall enable a union of black journalists dedicated to:

(a) Monitoring all media to promote best practices or advocate for improvement with respect to coverage of the African-American community and black diaspora, and fairness in the workplace for black journalists.

(b) Increasing the number of black journalists working as staff, supervisors and management in diverse newsrooms.

(c)  Being an exemplary group of professionals that honors journalism excellence and outstanding achievement.

(d) Encouraging and supporting black journalists aiming to become media entrepreneurs and or work independently.

(e)  Encouraging high school and college students and people working in other professions to become journalists.

(f)  Providing professional development and training as well as fellowships, internships and scholarships.

(g)  Increasing the number of African Americans working as faculty and leaders of academic journalism programs.

(h) Strengthening ties between black journalists in mainstream and black-owned media across the nation and world.

(i) Engaging in such other activities permissible for nonprofit corporations in accordance with Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended, and the rulings and regulations thereunder.


Article III. Compliance.

Section 1. Compliance. This constitution, adopted in conformity herewith, shall comply with applicable federal, state or District of Columbia law governing the transaction of NABJ business. Accordingly, this constitution shall also serve as the organization’s bylaws.  

Accordingly, this constitution shall also serve as the organization’s bylaws.

-- Do you have questions about the proposed NABJ constitution? Send an email to



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