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2014 NABJ Election: Chapter 3
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Proposed NABJ Constitution
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Chapter 2
Chapter 3
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Election Rules & Timeline

NABJ Constitution

NABJ Operating Procedures




The changes in Chapter 3, relating to the board of directors’ responsibilities, are designed to:

  •         Provide the board of directors with flexibility, consistent with modern nonprofit corporations, to engage an executive director employed under the board’s supervision and authority. Note: These modifications are also tied to a change in Chapter 2, Article I, Section 2, which clarifies that the executive director is not an executive board member.
  •         Reorganize certain sections to provide more logical sequencing of subject matters relating to the duties and powers of the board of directors.
  •         Modify, for consistency’s sake, what is in Section 3 with respect to chapters so that it relates with certainty to the chapter-focused modifications in Chapter 5. 


Article I. Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors.


Section 1. Executive Director. The board of directors shall have the authority to employ a person of suitable qualifications who, whenever possible, shall be an NABJ member; whose title shall be executive director, and whose duties shall be to operate the organization’s national office, subject to the board’s supervision, pursuant to the executive board’s direction.

(a)   The executive director shall primarily report to the president and is otherwise subject to the executive board’s and board of directors’ supervision.

(b)  The board of directors shall set the executive director’s salary. He or she shall be bonded in a sum the board of directors determines.

(c)   The executive director shall serve at the board of directors’ discretion and direction. The executive board, acting as the personnel committee, may remove the executive director from his or her position in accordance with terms of employment, but only after consultation with the board of directors.


Section 2. Annual Budget. The board of directors shall adopt an annual operating budget for NABJ.

(a)   The operating budget so approved shall, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, allocate expenses and disbursements as are usual and customary in the operation of similar organizations for the succeeding calendar year.

(b)  The president (or the president’s designees) shall present the next year’s proposed calendar-year budget – as prepared by the treasurer and executive director – to the board of directors for adoption as close as possible to the prior calendar year’s last business day – and also to the membership for disclosure as soon as possible by electronic means and at the organization’s next annual meeting.

(c)   The fiscal year of NABJ shall begin on Jan. 1 and end on Dec. 31 of each year.


Section 3. Chapters. The board of directors is authorized to oversee the relationship with existing NABJ chapters and to enter into a relationship with new chapters, pursuant to the operating procedures.


Section 4. Meetings. The board of directors shall meet at least twice a year – including at least once during the annual convention and at another time to adopt the organization’s annual budget – or pursuant to the operating procedures. The president or board of directors may call special board of directors meetings. Rules governing notice of special meetings shall be established in the operating procedures.

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