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 NABJ Projects To End 2016 With $1 Million Surplus

Success Due to Fiscal Management, Member and Partner Support

NABJ is set to end the year with a projected $1 million surplus – one of the highest in the organization’s 41-year history.

NABJ President Sarah Glover announced the historic news during the fall board meeting on Sunday. The unaudited amount represents a half million dollars more than what NABJ reported as the expected 2016 surplus during its national convention in August. The projected surplus is a result of disciplined fiscal management and a surge in convention registrations -- 3,209 NABJ registrants for the 2016 NABJ/NAHJ Convention, which had a total of 3,890 attendees.

“I am very proud of the strong business practices NABJ put in place at the beginning of the year. Those efforts contributed to a projected million dollar-plus surplus for 2016. NABJ will meet my goal of no deficit in 2016,” Glover said. 


I’m thankful for our partners and members who stepped up in a major way and helped us reach this historic milestone by supporting the 2016 NABJ/NAHJ Convention and other NABJ programs. We could not have achieved these results without the NABJ family.

“We are working to ensure NABJ’s long-term financial health by focused efforts on zero-based budgeting and careful fiscal management -- watching expenses closely, securing new revenue, and making sound investments,” Glover added.

The organization’s current leadership inherited a significant deficit, prompting far-reaching media headlines that questioned the organization’s viability. 


The reports of the association's demise were highly exaggerated. Not only is NABJ now in the black, it’s in a strong position to improve its savings and investments, operations, programs and partner relationships."


“NABJ is now in its strongest financial position in more than 20 years,” said NABJ Executive Consultant Drew Berry.

The 2013-15 NABJ board oversaw operations that resulted in a two-year deficit of $642,000. The 2015-17 NABJ board adopted zero-based budgeting this year to facilitate the turnaround.

While the organization has had a multi-million dollar revenue stream before, this is the first time in the organization’s history it will end the fiscal year with a surplus of more than a million dollars, according to NABJ Treasurer Greg Morrison and NABJ Finance Manager Nathaniel Chambers. 
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NABJ Awards Cox Media Group with Annual Best Practices Award


NABJ is proud to announce the selection of the Cox Media Group (CMG) as the recipient of the association’s 2016 Best Practices Award.

Annually NABJ seeks to recognize a news organization for exemplary work in covering issues of great significance to the black community or the African Diaspora, and or for an organization’s efforts at increasing diversity among its newsroom staff and management.

 As an innovative and forward-thinking multimedia company Cox Media Group has newspaper, radio, television and digital holdings. The company’s diverse portfolio lends itself to being able to provide an array of opportunities for emerging talent.

One way in which CMG stands out is with its Digital Talent Program (DTP), which allows Cox to hire six young professionals for one-year positions to work as Digital Media Associates assigned to digital projects, designed to drive business results. 

The goal is ultimately to bring employees on through staff positions offered within different units.

“An essential part of NABJ’s mission is to expand job opportunities, increase the number of black journalists in management positions, and encourage black journalists to become entrepreneurs,” said NABJ President Sarah Glover. “Cox is therefore operating in line with how we would hope for partners to operate. They are offering opportunities as well as skill development to journalists and media professionals from underrepresented backgrounds.

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NABJ issued its 2016 Thumbs Down Award to the Dow Jones & Company,The New York Times andThe Washington Post for paying white male employees more than journalists of color, as demonstrated by results of several studies by unions representing staffers at each organization.

The Thumbs Down Award is given annually for reporting, commentary or other content found to be racially insensitive, or for practices at odds with the mission of the National Association of Black Journalists.

AtThe Washington Post, data revealed white male reporters make on average 20 percent more than reporters of color, as pointed out in its own story by Erik Wemple.

At The New York Times, a study found non-white news division employees earned 9 percent less than the average wage and non-white employees earned 10 percent less than the average wage across the company.


At Dow Jones, which ownsThe Wall Street Journal,Market WatchandBarron's, a study revealed weekly pay for white women is 24 percent higher than for black women and weekly pay for white men is 31 percent higher than for black men.

The Independent Association of Publishers' Employees (IAPE), which represents Dow Jones employees, published a report detailing these findings.

“The fact is that the studies offered hard numbers on a topic that many of our members long suspected to be true. The guilds at these media outlets worked to shine a light on these unfair practices,” said NABJ President Sarah Glover. “We hope that the results from these important studies, along with our Thumbs Down Award, will push these media outlets to correct these shameful wage disparities.”

Union officials say they are negotiating withThe New York Times, The Dow Jones Company andThe Washington Postto address the issue.Those are steps in the right direction and NABJ urgesThe New York Times, The Dow Jones Company andThe Washington Postto address the issue for all of its journalists of color.

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